PS4 firmware 2.55 update now live

Firmware updates can often bring exciting new features, much needed tweaks, or maybe something we can’t really see at all. But what about firmware update 2.55, which recently went live, requiring a 233 MB download?

Fortunately, the recent slow download times that were plaguing the console last week have been resolved now, meaning it won’t take you 30 hours to download the 233MB file. Sadly, there are no bells and whistles to shout about in the new update as the release notes indicate this is another ‘System software stability’ tuneup.

It’d be nice to see more specific details about these updates to be honest, but we’ll take the odd tweak if it means a smoother experience. We’re still waiting for a decent explanation of what was going on with the slow downloads last week. Our thoughts are that the huge amounts of data being funneled through the network with sizable downloads for Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls Online and DriveClub PlayStation + Edition were too much for the often-criticised network to handle.

With MS adding new features to the Xbox One on a fairly regular basis now, do Sony need to add some more features to the PS4? Let us know what you’d like to see in future firmware changelogs.

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