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Battlefield: Hardline (Review) – Campaign brings home the bacon

Battlefield: Hardline Review - Campaign brings home the bacon

Visceral games had a daunting task on their hands when they were given the reigns for the latest Battlefield game. But rather than attempt another military shooter, they’ve come up with a fresh angle for the series’ single player campaign and the online multiplayer by infusing a cops and robbers vibe.

We’ll start with the campaign, as it’s always nice to get a feel for the guns before hopping online. That said, DICE’s last two campaigns in Battlefield 3 and 4 have been terrible, you’d barely know that the same team were behind the excellent Battlefield: Bad Company games. Visceral know their way around a campaign though, having developed the excellent Dead Space series. Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline (Review) – Campaign brings home the bacon

Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips

After easing ourselves in though Battlefield: Hardline’s campaign (so much better than the last two games!), we’ve been hitting the servers pretty hard since launch. We’ve been impressed with how stable the online action has been and it looks like Visceral have learned from DICE’s mistakes in Battlefield 4. So you’ve no excuses to not get the most from the online action. However, life as a cop or criminal can be seriously tough out there. So why not improve your chances by checking out our Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer tips. Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips

Battlefield: Hardline suffering installation issues on PS4

Gamers who have purchased the digital version of Battlefield: Hardline on PS4 are reporting issues for the game’s installation in-game. Once the game has downloaded from the store and the latest software patch has been installed, gamers are able to start the game as per normal. Once games are downloaded from PSN, they install automatically on the main menu usually.

However, that’s not the end of the installation for Battlefield: Hardline. My own experience so far with a digital copy has been matched with multiple reports appearing online right now. On the game’s main menu, they are seeing a screen like the one below. Multiplayer does not appear yet and only Episodes are selectable. Diving in, I found I was able to play the brief prologue level before being kicked back to the menu as the rest of the game has yet to be ‘installed’.

It’s odd that an install is taking place in game and there doesn’t seem to be anything else downloading, not on the PS4’s download list anyway. After staring at the screen for a few minutes and not seeing the % go up at all, I decided to leave it be and come back in 30 minutes. An hour later and it had only gone up an additional 3%.  Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline suffering installation issues on PS4

Battlefield: Hardline Top 5 Survival Tips

It’s ok, I know your pain. You promised yourself you’d put a bit of time into the likes of Battlefield 4, Destiny or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in order to get your online multiplayer skills up to scratch, but where has that time gone.

If you signed up to the new Battlefield: Hardline open beta you might be having a bit of tough time getting back into the swing of things. I can’t stop people shooting you in the back half a second after respawning, or offer any logical advice on how to fly a helicopter, but here are five survival tips that should make life less difficult. Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline Top 5 Survival Tips

Battlefield Hardline: FIRST LOOK Criminal Gameplay – Heist Mode Beta

Battlefield Hardline: FIRST LOOK Criminal Gameplay - Heist Mode Beta

Despite what seems like the entire internet trying to get the Battlefield: Hardline beta at once, after multiple login attempts, I managed to snag a PS4 code. Absolute win-sauce! So, here’s our exclusive first attempt at Heist mode, on the wrong side of the law with criminals facing off against the coppers.

All you need to know is that I nail someone with a motorbike. We’ll have footage from the coppers side of the game soon. Stay tuned at Dealspwn for more exclusive playthrough videos of one of the hottest upcoming shooters.  Continue reading Battlefield Hardline: FIRST LOOK Criminal Gameplay – Heist Mode Beta