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Battlefield: Hardline suffering installation issues on PS4

Gamers who have purchased the digital version of Battlefield: Hardline on PS4 are reporting issues for the game’s installation in-game. Once the game has downloaded from the store and the latest software patch has been installed, gamers are able to start the game as per normal. Once games are downloaded from PSN, they install automatically on the main menu usually.

However, that’s not the end of the installation for Battlefield: Hardline. My own experience so far with a digital copy has been matched with multiple reports appearing online right now. On the game’s main menu, they are seeing a screen like the one below. Multiplayer does not appear yet and only Episodes are selectable. Diving in, I found I was able to play the brief prologue level before being kicked back to the menu as the rest of the game has yet to be ‘installed’.

It’s odd that an install is taking place in game and there doesn’t seem to be anything else downloading, not on the PS4’s download list anyway. After staring at the screen for a few minutes and not seeing the % go up at all, I decided to leave it be and come back in 30 minutes. An hour later and it had only gone up an additional 3%.  Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline suffering installation issues on PS4

Dead Space: Extraction (Review)

It was a bit of a surprise to all of us finding out that the next game to follow the excellent Dead Space would be on the Wii. It might be an ‘on-rails shooter’ but fans will enjoy this prequel to the original game, especially the first level which has a neat twist that they or anyone that’s seen the anime might appreciate.

The game starts before the Ishimura planet cracker mining ship was overrun by an alien plague causing severe psychosis and mutation in their human hosts. Haven’t played the first game? Don’t worry, the prequel nature of the game welcomes newcomers by letting them play through preceding events. Veterans will enjoy some familiar locations and characters and being a part of earlier events from a different perspective on how the shit hit the fan in the first place, as the first game had you starting well after the infection had already spread. Continue reading Dead Space: Extraction (Review)