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Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips

After easing ourselves in though Battlefield: Hardline’s campaign (so much better than the last two games!), we’ve been hitting the servers pretty hard since launch. We’ve been impressed with how stable the online action has been and it looks like Visceral have learned from DICE’s mistakes in Battlefield 4. So you’ve no excuses to not get the most from the online action. However, life as a cop or criminal can be seriously tough out there. So why not improve your chances by checking out our Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer tips. Continue reading Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Round-up

We’ve had plenty of time to get stuck into Killzone 3’s multiplayer since release although the PSN crisis interrupted our play for a while. Since then there’s been a patch to tweak gameplay and multiple double XP weekends to tempt us back. Missed out? Then check out what you’ve been missing online and offline.

The 32-player multi-mission Warzone matches from Killzone 2 return and will be very familiar to series fans. Newcomers will probably recognise the contents from other shooters. However, unlike the competition, you’ll play all the following modes in one match. With the winning team being those who can win the most modes or ’rounds.’
Continue reading Killzone 3 Multiplayer Round-up

Fat Princess (Review)

Now on the store for £11.99It cheers me up every time I explain this game to anyone. It’s a 32 player, medieval era game of capture the flag, except the flag is a Princess. And to make it extra difficult to get away with her, the other team stuff her with cake making her a Fat Princess meaning it takes much longer to carry her back to your castle. If you don’t laugh every time you hear her scream “CAKE!” you probably never will.

The maps are symmetrically designed so no team has an obvious upper hand. As you can see by the pictures, the game’s gone for a cartoonish, cell-shaded style that belies all the blood and gore plastered all over the battlefield. It’s a treat to look at and is razor sharp on a HD set. The locations include forests, volcanoes, tropical islands and mountains. Continue reading Fat Princess (Review)