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Titanfall Wasn’t Conceived With the Xbox One in Mind

Titanfall Wasn’t Conceived With the Xbox One in Mind

It’s fair to say that console gamers will have bought, or are on the verge of buying, an Xbox One especially to play Titanfall. However, according to Titanfall’s Lead Engineer Richard Baker, when development began on Respawn’s debut, an Xbox One version wasn’t even on the cards.  Continue reading Titanfall Wasn’t Conceived With the Xbox One in Mind

Where is the PS4’s Titanfall?

Where is the PS4’s Titanfall?

I recently got my eager hands on a demo of Infamous: Second Son at a retail preview event and I left with a distinct feeling that it won’t be the killer exclusive that the PS4 has been waiting for. With Titanfall due to hit rival platform Xbox One later this week, I was left wondering when the PS4 can expect to see its own exclusive that builds up a similar degree of hype and enthusiasm. 

Continue reading Where is the PS4’s Titanfall?

Titanfall Beta Now Available to All on Xbox One

Just spent £35 on a Titanfall beta code on eBay? Well, your Muppet of the Month award will be with you shortly. For the rest of you that missed out on registering for a Titanfall beta code in time, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now download the beta from the dashboard on your Xbox One. No codes, no purchases, just head to the New Game Demos section of the Game Store. No word yet on when PC gamers can expect similar access.

So, get cracking and get involved with what’s looking like the Xbox One’s killer app.

New Ogre and Stryder Titanfall Rigs Revealed

At last night’s VGX awards (formerly the VGA’s), Titanfall showed up to the party and unveiled two new classes of Titan gamers can look forward to piloting when the game lands in March on the Xbox One, 360 and PC.

Before today, we’d only seen and played as one regular Titan. To mix things up a little on the battlefield we will now have the Ogre and the Stryder to choose from too. The Ogre class is your choice for high damage output and resistance, but at the cost of speed. So it come’s as no surprise that the Stryder model is the opposite, sprinting around the battlefield and using nimble jet-thrust dodge moves to get the upper hand against slower opponents, although this means they will have the weakest armour of the Titans.

See them in action below with a new pair of trailers. Continue reading New Ogre and Stryder Titanfall Rigs Revealed