Killzone: Shadow Fall Extended Forest Gameplay Video

If you watched Sony’s E3 press conference and were left wanting more after that brief new trailer, then wrap your eyes around this. This new video from IGN shows live gameplay from a forest outside of the walls of the city shown in the original Shadow Fall reveal. Arjan Bak, the game’s Environment Art Director, gives us a commentary throughout, discussing the weapons and the OWL bot that can be used to assist you by distracting the Helghast and hacking computers to cut off enemy reinforcements.

Don’t forget to whack up the YouTube setting to HD for maximum effect. Killzone is not for SD. Fingers crossed Sony’s shooter will be at Gamescom this year as we really want  to touch it and whisper things about Halo meaning nothing to us in its ear. No, just me? Ahem, video after the break.

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