The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Trailer

Another video has snuck out from the E3 storm and frankly it deserves your attention more than most. that’s right Walking Dead fans, we finally have some concrete details about 400 Days. This is DLC content for Season One of Telltale’s excellent The Walking Dead, so you’ll need to own that in order to play this. Stateside it’s going to release at $4.99 in July, with a similar price and release date for Europe yet to be confirmed, but highly likely. The DLC will also come packaged with the upcoming Vita version of the first season, set for release in August.

The story will feature new characters and take place during the first 400 days of the outbreak. Choices made in the previously released season will affect details and choices made in this DLC will carry over to Season Two. Curiously, you’ll also be able to play the chapters of the DLC in any order, pointing towards multiple characters threads rather than a group theme.

We’ll keep you posted with further details. Check out our review of the retail edition of Season 1 here and get involved, you won’t regret it. Enjoy the new trailer after the break.

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