10 New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

Don’t worry about the apocalypse, it’s right at the end of the year. But just in case it’s real, here are some healthy steps to enjoying gaming to its maximum potential. 

1. Finish More Games

Blame the Christmas schedule or our distraction for newer shinier things, but it’s high time we finished the games we started. Especially the ones we were enjoying! Shorter games like Arkham City and MW3 were probably finished by most. But longer efforts like Skyrim, Yakuza 4, and Rage are typical of the sort of titles that may get distractedly abandoned around the 60% mark. Finish these games before buying new ones and not only will you avoid having to restart because you’ve forgotten the controls and what’s going on, your next game will probably be cheaper too.

2. Play Less Crap

The Mayans reckon this is our last year to live, so time is precious. If you buy a game that stinks after three hours, it’s not going to get any better. Remember, you’re supposed to be having fun. For every minute spent playing Kane & Lynch, it’s a minute not spent playing Uncharted 3. Online rental users will be familiar with the disappointment of some games arriving instead of others. Maybe you shouldn’t have added it in the first place; did you really need to try Rio or Kung Fu Rider?

3. Play Online More

We don’t mean play one game obsessively, don’t become a tragic news story involving playing Warcraft/COD until you’re rushed into hospital for malnutrition and chair-to-flesh-removal. Some gamers don’t play online enough though, and then wonder why they get destroyed for the first three hours of MW3. Social co-op options are appearing more often and offer a great alternative to the world of rage-quitters and campers, so try out the likes of Battlefield 3, Trine 2 and Portal 2. Not Army of Two though, that would fail the Play Less Crap resolution.

4. Play a Genre You Don’t Usually Like

Put it under ‘Try New Things’ on your regular resolutions list. Free demos are the safest bet here. You may find that a genre you didn’t care for years ago has improved or maybe your own tastes have changed. So I might convince myself to try some RTS games or maybe even MLB: The Show, which is often touted as the PS3’s best sports game. It has to be better than watching it, right?

5. Buy a PS Vita

An easy one to tick off if you can save up the cash. With the memory cards for Sony’s new handheld wonder looking to cost a small knee-capping, you could offset the price by forgoing the 3G model. Seriously, have a proper think about how much you’d use the 3G. If you don’t commute to work and have Wi-Fi at home you probably don’t need it. Buy a big memory card or an extra game instead. Plus, you’ll feel better when they release a slimmer, sexier version with 4G in a few years. Here are some links  to my Vita coverage.

6. Get Fit With Motion Games

Don’t join a gym, you’ll be sick of it after two visits and still have to pay for the rest of your sentence. Buy something like Dancestar Party, Dance Central or EA Sports Active 2 for your Wii/Move/Kinect for a fraction of the price. Then sell it on when you reach peak condition or go back to the realisation you could be hit by a bus tomorrow. Well, if you left the house.

7. Have a Games Clearout

Getting rid of newer games is always best done as soon as possible, as you’ll get way better prices on eBay. Have a good rummage and be honest with yourself about whether you’re actually going to bother replaying some of the older titles as they sit there gathering dust and losing value. Selling to friends or colleagues will potentially get you more money than eBay. There’s always the trade-in option on the high-street or online. Be warned though, you’ll get robbed blind for most last-gen titles.

8. Replay the Games You Loved

If you just can’t face losing some of those titles though, you could get hours of fun out of them. We’re so spoilt for choice with decent games this generation, which leaves us little time to replay awesome games in the way we’d happily watch a favourite film. So get in touch with some old friends, have an entire weekend with the Uncharted trilogy, play through Fallout 3 as an absolute shit/saint, or maybe even drag out Pro Evo 4 for a reminder of the good old days.

9. Try Onlive

Trying Onlive’s game streaming service is free on your PC. If you have a decent broadband connection you could buy the plug-in box and control pad so you can use the service on your TV too. Being able to try any game for an hour, for free, is a great service, even if you only use it to decide whether or not to buy it on your regular platform. If internet speeds become more reliable, Cloud gaming could become huge, so don’t get left behind.

10. Be less of an Achievement/Trophy Whore

Towards the end of Dungeon Siege III last week, I found myself on a mad selling binge to get a milestone Achievement before I finished the game. I was all set to enter the final battle, but I really wanted the prize. And after an extra two hours of collecting and selling loot, I did it. My Gamerscore was now 5 points richer. Going mad for these things for a game you absolutely love is fine, especially when it doesn’t demand you complete the game on a nightmarish difficulty. But wasting hours rounding up a few for a game you’re not particularly enjoying just isn’t healthy or fun.

So folks, just try and enjoy the core concepts of gaming again. As with all resolutions, keeping up ten is never going to happen. So maybe choose from three of the above and see how it goes. What are you going for and do you have any more that you think would lead to more enjoyable gaming? I’m off to flog some EyePet games at work.

2 thoughts on “10 New Year’s Gaming Resolutions”

  1. Excellent article

    but Rage was a longer game? I did everything in 16 hours, where as Batman : AC took me about 35 hours to do everything that you think is a shorter game

    some good point there though, particularly about not playing certain genres, for example I dont play :

    Racing games (used to but for past few years)
    Fighting games (ditto)
    RTS’s (never have, take up too much time)
    MMOs’s (ditto)
    Sports games (used to play the odd football game , not anymore)
    Platfomers (used to, but not anymore)

    Also I sell my SP/campaign games straight after I complete them getting full value for them and if I want to play the games again (like I will with UC3 or batman AC) 6 months, a year or 2 years down the line then you will get it for dirt cheap. I have done this for the past 2 years now and makes gaming much cheaper. I only really play SP games with the odd MP game in there (which I dont sell for a while)

    And great points on being an achievement and trophy whore, I was once an achievement whore and was systematically going all my Xbox 360 games getting 1000/1000. I mean what was I thinking!???

    Not just a waste of your gaming time, but a waste of time full stop. Just becasue the developers put it there? Dont give in to your OCD compluses and play it how you want to play it. To confirm this I havent even looked at my Trophy list once, not once”

    and I have turned off notifications on my Xbox and PS3. its just a waste of time. I am a bit completionist (not 100% but a good portion) but not because developers dangle a carrot infront of me

    1. Thanks for reading, Richard. I think I meant the main campaign story side of Arkham city was shorter, as I did that first (about 8 hours) before going back for all the hidden parts. I’ve still got a few to go for that, but they’re fun to find. I won’t be breaking my back trying to do all the challenge rooms though.

      That’s a good idea you have about getting rid of new games then buying them back much cheaper. Although I got stung twice by some games becoming rare for a while and I had to buy them back about the same price (Ico / Sly Cooper 1). Modern Warfare and Mario Galaxy being other swines that barely get a price cut.

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