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Metro Last Light Demo Shows Alternate Play Styles

The latest Metro: Last Light video is all gameplay and goes a great job of showing how you can approach the game with a variety of different playstyles. The stage shown is underground with Artyom needing to get past a group of human enemies.

The first approach shown is traditional FPS fare. So shoot everyone then? Enemies make good use of cover and regularly try to flank the player. Red damage indicators show successful hits, with headshots showing an extra burst which is particularly handy in the darker scenes.

The other approaches show a stealthier take on getting past enemies. Light bulbs can be shot out at distance or unscrewed quietly if you’re up close. The dynamic lighting is amongst the best we’ve seen before. The approaching helmet-lights of a guard are very useful when sneaking around in the dark too. Approaching the stage quietly allows you to overhear conversations, which will help to flesh out the lore around the game’s story, which always feels more natural than finding scraps of journal in random places.

Avoiding lengthy gun battles also helps to save ammo, which will be very rare in some stages of the game. From what we’ve seen, playing the stealth angle seems much more interesting anyway as we have plenty of traditional FPS games on the market. Metro: Last Light is released May 17th on PS3, 360 and PC. Enjoy the trailer after the break and don’t forget to have a look at Jon’s hands-on preview too. Continue reading Metro Last Light Demo Shows Alternate Play Styles

Metro: Last Light Loses Multiplayer

The multiplayer component of upcoming FPS title, Metro: Last Light has been cancelled. 4A Games made a statement via the game’s blog, citing a desire to concentrate on the single-player campaign as the reason.

The decision was made after E3, but has only just been confirmed publically. Despite keen fan interest for details about the multiplayer, the developers realised that the single-player experience was what fans really care about. While the game won’t ship with any multiplayer, we could still see something later on.

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Metro: Last Light (Preview)

Now I’m not saying looks are everything, but after slumming it through the grey roughness of the original Metro 2033 game, it’s amazing to see the difference in Metro: Last Light. This game looks gorgeous. Yes, it still has a bit of a grey fetish, but like Killzone, it’s made pretty work of some of the colour palettes old-timers. And the game’s still only at pre-alpha code level, so it could get even better.

Those of you that played through the original game will find that the story of Last Light follows on from the (SPOLIER) ‘bad’ ending where you did launch the missiles to destroy the Dark Ones. So it would seem that your initial fight will be against human enemies, we’re sure there’ll be a few mutants along the way too. We’ve already seen those winged gargoyle-like arseholes (they pissed me off a lot last time) flying about in one of the trailers. Towards the end of the presentation, we also saw some large troll/gorilla-like creatures that featured some astonishingly slick animation and textured rocky skin that almost distracts from them trying to rip Artyom’s face off.

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