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Medieval Moves (Review)

It’s been too long since we had a great PlayStation Move game. Sports Champions and Killzone 3 are still the champs standing tall above the minigames collections and hasty last-minute ‘me too’ efforts like Virtua Tennis 4. So it’s with some confidence and hope that I approached Medieval Moves.

Had I not previously played a few unfinished versions of the game I would have been let down by the opening moments that show some terrible illustrated cutscenes. I know we’re in a recession and this game came out at half the price of regular games, but… ew.

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest (Hands-On Preview)

If anyone could make another great game for the PlayStation Move, it would be the team behind its best game so far. Rather than knock out Sports Champions 2, Zindagi Games have opted for a fun action title. You might recognise parts of the game from the early tech demos for the PlayStation Move back at E3 2009. It’s good to see that demo become a full game, we’re just surprised it took this long.

Medieval Moves is a first-person action adventure game with movement around the game world taking place automatically and the action kicking off between stops. This leaves your hands free to concentrate on using your weapons and other cool gadgets to get through the medieval settings against an army of skeleton warriors and other ghoulish foes.

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Sony E3 2011 Conference | New Move Title: Medieval Moves

This new action adventure game, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, is from the talented folks behind the excellent Sports Champions. If anyone can make another decent game for Sony’s motion controller it’s these guys.

The action sees you controlling an adorable skeleton in a suit of armour, mainly from a first-person perspective. From here you can use a sword, a bow, throwing stars and more to bash goblins, skeletons and other medieval monsters. The weapons can be accessed without going into an inventory screen. Just simply ‘reach’ for them as if they were equipped on your person and the Move controller will work with the PS Eye to equip what you want.

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