Sony E3 2011 Conference | New Move Title: Medieval Moves

This new action adventure game, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, is from the talented folks behind the excellent Sports Champions. If anyone can make another decent game for Sony’s motion controller it’s these guys.

The action sees you controlling an adorable skeleton in a suit of armour, mainly from a first-person perspective. From here you can use a sword, a bow, throwing stars and more to bash goblins, skeletons and other medieval monsters. The weapons can be accessed without going into an inventory screen. Just simply ‘reach’ for them as if they were equipped on your person and the Move controller will work with the PS Eye to equip what you want.

Using just the one motion-controller, you can use all weapons by swinging, flicking and aiming. We’d like to see a second controller get in on the action for better bow-action and shield guarding though. Holding your arms out will help to balance when walking across narrow beams too.

Shoot explosive barrels with arrows to reveal hidden areas and then use a grappling hook to reach them. There will be lots of secrets to find we’re told. Puzzles shown involve jamming cogs with arrows and breaking locks with QTEs involving turning the controller around.

This isn’t the Sorcery game announced at last year’s E3. Hopefully there will be some more on that one later on. It’s nice to see the PlayStation move being used for a full game rather than an optional controller set-up. Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest will be released in Autumn 2011 and will also support 3D.

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