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Dragon’s Crown (Review)

Dragon’s Crown is a fond throwback to classic side-scrolling beat ‘em ups like Streets of Rage, or more specifically, Golden Axe (you can totally ride dragons!). Stages involve going from left to right with a four-strong group consisting of knights, amazons, dwarves, elves, wizards or sorceresses. There’s a boss with a health bar as wide as your TV at the end of each one too, with one of them being a clever nod to a certain Monty Python film. Sold yet?

You’re spoilt for choice, with six different character types to choose from. They’re ranked from beginner to expert, but to be honest you’ll be fine going with whichever takes your fancy from the start and you’re allowed to have a few on the go at once.

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Dragon’s Crown Getting Cross-Play Patch Soon

What started as bad news has now turned into good news for the mighty RPG beat ’em up, Dragon’s Crown. The game’s PR team recently reached out to let us know that there was a printing error on the back of the European/Australian boxes for the Vita version, indicating the game supported cross-play (instead of cross-save) functionality with the PS3.

Don’t feel bad for long though, as the devs have seen fit to finally start working on a patch for cross-play support so Vita and PS3 gamers can play together. Japan and America will be getting the update first as the game has been out in those territories longer than the EU, but we expect we’ll be getting it soon too. Continue reading Dragon’s Crown Getting Cross-Play Patch Soon

New Dragon’s Crown E3 Trailer

The brand new E3 Dragon’s Crown trailer gives us a look at various aspects of the game, instead of just action and boobs (also included). There’s treasure collecting, XP spending, multiplayer footage and a bloody massive Smaug-style dragon.

The hand-drawn art-style ticks all our retro-fanboy boxes by staying 2D, but looking new at the same time. Coming from Vanillaware, the dev team behind Muramasa, we’ve got high hopes for the Vita/PS3 game. We’re still waiting for an EU release date, but American gamers can expect the game August 6th. Enjoy the video after the break.

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Wizard and Amazon Trailers For Dragon’s Crown

Here’s the latest batch of character gameplay videos for the upcoming side-scrolling beat em’ up / action RPG hybrid, Dragon’s Crown, for the PS3 and Vita. The Amazon warrior makes the previously-revealed top-heavy Sorceress look like a nun, with an outfit seemingly made of string. Questionable art direction aside, the game is looking like an old-school riot to play. Continue reading Wizard and Amazon Trailers For Dragon’s Crown