Dragon’s Crown Getting Cross-Play Patch Soon

What started as bad news has now turned into good news for the mighty RPG beat ’em up, Dragon’s Crown. The game’s PR team recently reached out to let us know that there was a printing error on the back of the European/Australian boxes for the Vita version, indicating the game supported cross-play (instead of cross-save) functionality with the PS3.

Don’t feel bad for long though, as the devs have seen fit to finally start working on a patch for cross-play support so Vita and PS3 gamers can play together. Japan and America will be getting the update first as the game has been out in those territories longer than the EU, but we expect we’ll be getting it soon too.

Why should you care? Because Dragon’s Crown is bloody brilliant  and a blast to play online, so having more people to play with is always a good thing. The two versions should play together nicely too as there are barely any differences between them. I’ve been playing both the PS3 and Vita versions for a while now and am will be bringing you a review later today.

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