New Xbox One Elite console bundle announced

Microsoft are set to provide a new edition of their Xbox One console in the coming months in time for that all-important Christmas shopping period. This new Elite Bundle comes with a new 1tB Solid State Hybrid drive. This new drive stores frequently accessed files on a solid state partition which “optimises system performance so you can get to the action up to 20 per cent faster from energy-saving mode.

Staying with the Elite theme, the new bundle will also include the brand new Elite controller, the new pro-style controller with hair trigger locks, interchangeable paddles, adjustable buttons and sticks. This could prove very tempting to first-time Xbox One buyers as the upcoming controller is currently preordering for between £100-£120.

Is the Xbox One Elite Controller reasonably priced in this offer?

Speaking of pricing, the new Xbox One Elite bundle will retail at £399.99. That might sound a bit pricey considering just yesterday we posted a deal for the standard 500GB console + MGSV + Gears of War and £30 of vouchers for £299.99. But when you take into account the fancy-pants controller, the extra storage space (not to mention the Solid State partition), it’s fairly decent value.

More importantly, this is We specialise in finding console bundles below the RRP. The new console will release in November, and you can bet retailers will be undercutting each other like crazy to get your money, even if it means hacking their profit margins to kibble. Stay tuned to our console bundles tab to see what we find.

Let us know your thoughts on the new model readers. Is this the one for you, or are you getting one sooner so you can get stuck into Halo 5 and Forza 6?

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