Kingdom Hearts HD Gets New Combat Trailer

This latest trailer gives us a better look at the Chain of Memories side of this upcoming compilation, namely the card-based combat, which looks a lot more energetic than it sounds. This HD release will include the original Kingdom Hearts game with the previously Japan-only Final Mix content. Chain of Memories was originally a Nintendo GBA title, which was later ported to the PS2, although we never saw a UK release for that one.

The disc also includes a newly crafted video of all the cinematics from the 3DS title 358/2 Days, meaning Sony gamers can start to catch up on the series’ Nintendo wanderings. We’re still a bit annoyed Kingdom Hearts II isn’t on the disc, but with well over 50 hours’ worth of content, we think we’ll cope for a while. Maybe the sequel and Birth By Sleep will get their own release next year?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is out September 23rd.

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