Dev Diary – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

It’s going to take some hands-on time to convince us that Square Enix is doing the right thing by steering the Final Fantasy series in a more action-orientated direction. But after the disappointments of the last two FFXIII titles, we’re willing to listen.

This new dev diary goes behind the scenes at Square Enix, giving us some more details about the game’s story, locations and more. The staff are also keen to emphasise that new players will be able to pick up the story too. Even so, we’d advise checking a few wikis first. Who knows which of the last game’s multiple endings they’re resuming from.

Unlike the last two games, players will only be controlling Lightning this time around, but there will be lots of familiar faces popping up throughout the story. Third time’s a charm though right? Lightning strikes one last time February 14th.

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