Beyond: Two Souls Coming “This Year”

We’ve had enough of delays recently, so it’s good to hear something a little more positive. David Cage has told IGN that Beyond: Two Souls will be released this year, with an actual release date to be announced very soon.

This may sound a little vague, but we had a strong feeling that the Ellen Page-fronted game would slip into next year’s line-up. So much so, I decided to omit it from my Sunday Seven article, 2013’s Most Wanted Games. Cage also confirmed the game is almost at the beta stage.

The only problem we can foresee is if the game is released after September as its niche appeal could mean it gets swallowed up by the Christmas rush, in particular GTA V.

If the game is reasonably close to completion, perhaps a summer release date would be more suitable. If last year was anything to go by, it could have a clear field to play in. To be honest, we’d rather see the game slip into next year’s line-up than be ignored by shoppers during the Christmas period. In the meantime, take a look at Jon’s preview for more information on the game.

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