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The Morning Papers | New Trailers for Breakfast

After years of being pained by the Spike VGAs, we’re not getting pulled into watching award shows in the middle of the night anymore. Even if they do promise some hot new trailers. The rebranded Game Awards 2014 kicked off around 2am GMT this morning and we have links to the winners and nominees below. You’ll also find links to the best trailers that emerged from the show. Let us know what’s caught your eye.┬áSo enjoy the videos the way you’re supposed to -with bacon and a brew.

In case you missed it…

The Morning Papers – Prey fails to Evolve

It’s time to forget about that dream of the Blade Runner/Mirror’s Edge hybrid that was Prey 2 as Bethesda has finally admitted the long-troubled title has been canned. Enjoying the Evolve Alpha this weekend? Not on PS4 your not as it’s been postponed due to apparent compatibility issues with the console’s new 2.0 update. Oh well, the recent issues and the DriveClub omnishambles hasn’t stopped Sony shifting 13.5 million consoles in the last 11 months. Enjoy the latest odd trailers for the likes of Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Don’t forget to check out our links to our features yesterday too.

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The Morning Papers – Gongs and fear

Last night saw the annual dishing out of the Golden Joysticks Awards, where games of the last 12 months and beyond (we’ll never understand the reason the awards encompass 18 months of games) rack up some Trophies of their own. While not as trailer packed as the VGAs, Bloodborne at least got a pant-filling new video along with a release date. Elsewhere we’re stoked to see new reveals for Outlast 2 and the Micro Machines-flavoured Toybox Turbos. Last up, check out the PS4 Share Play tutorial, it’s going to be a big deal next week. Links are included below, along with links to our features and reviews from yesterday.

In case you missed it

The Morning Papers | More 2015 recruits

Morning, folks! Here’s a link to some of the larger stories of yesterday for some breakfast reading. Although, we’re beginning to think that DriveClub not being online is starting to become the status quo rather than news. It seems like everyone had a rough day though with delays for our favourite upcoming racer and the latest Hitman movie. I’d clear some hard-drive space on your XO too, as Master Chief seems to have put on a bit of weight.

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The Morning Papers – Expos, sequels and fixes

Morning folks, let’s see what emerged in the gaming sphere last night. Highlights include Microsoft trying to flog more XOs with Halo seeing as Destiny has seemingly sided with the PS4. There are new Disgaea and Giana Sisters games on the way. Battlefield 4 is getting yet another patch, which will hopefully iron out some of those more persistent glitches. Or maybe just add a compulsory download for the next DLC, filling our hard-drives whether we’re buying it or not. Finally, check out the near final list of games you’ll be able to play at next week’s Eurogamer Expo, or hold on for a fat collection of previews as I’m heading down there myself. You should get down there though really. Continue reading The Morning Papers – Expos, sequels and fixes