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Play Grid 2 Early at Game’s In-Store Lock Ins

If you’d like to play Grid 2 a month early you should get yourself down to one of the Game stores listed below. It’s lock in season again and Game have teamed up with Codemasters to let gamers get their hands on the eagerly-anticipated racing title pre-release. There will be a fastest lap competition at each event too, with the winner netting themselves a copy of the game when it’s released.

A member of the Codemasters dev team will be on hand to answer questions and offer hot tips to shave seconds of your lap times. Soft drinks and pizza will also be available. Good times. Places are limited, so visit your store, phone them or tweet them to reserve your spot. Venue details and dates follow after the break. Continue reading Play Grid 2 Early at Game’s In-Store Lock Ins

Dirt Showdown (Review)

This is not a traditional rally game. It’s an important point to remember for fans of Codemaster’s epic Dirt series. What it is though, is fun. Car smashing, exhilaratingly arcadey fun.

While Dirt 3 seemed caught in two minds as to whether to carry on with the impeccable rallying from the near-perfect Dirt 2 or try and turn your car into a demented pole-dancing skateboard, Showdown feels much more focused, admittedly more towards a Mad Max meets X-games mashup.

Gone are A-B timed stages in favour of a full on festival of car on car violence and general, well, pissing about. Think back to games like Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal, but pretend they were never crap.

Continue reading Dirt Showdown (Review)

F1 2009: Formula 1

It’s been years since the last F1 game and it’s a little surprising to see Codemasters test their newly acquired license on the Wii first, but probably a wise decision seeing as Dirt 2 and Forza 3 are keeping the non-Wii crowd busy for now. While Codemasters’ modern classics of Dirt 2 and Grid were developed in-house, Sumo Digital are in the driving seat for this one. Sumo do have a history of racing titles, but admittedly nothing that comes close to Codemasters’ recent output. Continue reading F1 2009: Formula 1

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Review)

Many PC gamers swear by (and most definitely at) the Operation Flashpoint name. This harsh, tactical first-person-shooter is also making a full appearance on consoles too for a change. It’s comparable in nature with the excellent Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, but based in the very near future.

Dragon Rising is a much fiercer beast than BIA though with its claws severely dug into the realism side of things. So that means one shot could be it for you and you won’t even know what direction it came from. Continue reading Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Review)

Colin McRae: Dirt 2 (Review)

What you have here is the best rally game this generation of consoles has seen, it might even be an all time racing great worthy of the late, great Scot. It even (just) survives an ill-advised X-games style make over outside the races.

As a rookie driver you’re given a free Subaru Impreza (very nice) and unleashed on a world map stuffed with over 100 events in Japan, China, Malaysia, Croatia, Morocco, London, Utah, LA and Baja.  Continue reading Colin McRae: Dirt 2 (Review)