Witcher III getting New Game+ mode today

Finished The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, but fancy playing it again, possibly opting for wildly different choices? CD Projekt Red have you covered as they are launching a New Game Plus mode today as the final piece of free DLC for the game.

The update is apparently live now on Xbox One and we expect it  to go live at some point today on PC and PS4. But what do you actually get in the new mode?

New Game Plus allows you to start a new game after finishing the main storyline. Rather than start anew, you’ll carry over almost everything from your original save. All your acquired experience points and skills will be there from the start, but you will have the option to reallocate the skill points via a new potion.

Quest items, naturally won’t carry through, but alchemy recipes and their ingredients will be waiting for you. Trophies from contracts will be gone too along with any books or notes. These omissions are understandable, but we think a fair few Gwent players will be devastated to learn that their card collection will not carry over.

In  addition to being able to make new decisions throughout the game’s story, you’ll face tougher enemies and the Death March accolade will still be up for grabs. It sounds like a serious challenge, but considering The Witcher IV isn’t currently on the developer’s to do list (see below), this will have to do until the Season Pass expansions arrive.

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