Final Fantasy XV will release in 2016 apparently

Enjoy the new trailer while you wait

While a specific release date for Final Fantasy XV won’t be confirmed for some time, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, seems committed to a 2016 release date as he told Eurogamer:

“We really wanted to say something else, so we’ve got something we’d like to say – you won’t be waiting until 2017. We want to get that across. We want to reassure people that we are going to get it out.”

It’s only been in development for ten years, so it’s probably almost done in all fairness. We quite enjoyed the recent Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo and have been impressed in the way Square Enix used feedback to make adjustments to the game and then release a beefy patch for the demo to try out the new changes. More of this sort of thing please developers! but maybe don’t force players to buy a different game to get access to the demo, that’s a bit naughty.

When also asked about the possibility of sequels in the XV universe (as there were in the XIII series), Tabata replied:

“We really want to get it so the main game is a complete experience on its own – that’s a big predication before we do anything else. In particular, Japanese gamers are very picky about having things that effect it being a complete experience [Me too – Ed]. We have expectations and plans in place for various contingencies. If it does well and people enjoy it, very naturally people will want to spend more time in that world. We’ve been setting up possibilities and contingencies plans for having tales and experiences in that world. Before that, in the same way they gave me a chance to make the game, it’d be good to have younger development talent opportunities to take on those projects.”

If we were to read between the lines there, we’d say the story shouldn’t leave any annoying cliffhangers, but there’s scope for a sequel if there’s a demand. But Tabata would much rather someone else handled it, which could be good news as it sounds like he’s put as much of himself into this game as possible, rather than holding back any cool ideas.

A new trailer was released at Gamescom, and although there’s no new gameplay to look at. Fans may have fun trying to work out a few plot details. We’re pretty sure the young boy is Noctis (the main character) and we’re guessing the man is his father. Why he’s crying or why the are soldier’s in Knight’s armour, rocking assault rifles in a world full of slick black cars is anyone’s guess, but we can’t wait to find out more. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too far into 2016. If you want to learn more about the gameplay, check out my review of the Episode Duscae demo.

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