Wayward Sky brings ‘look and click’ genre to Project Morpheus

It happens every year at E3. With so many megaton announcements, it’s all too easy for the smaller games to slip through the cracks. Fear not though readers, as we’ve been keeping an eye out for the hidden gems of E3 2015 and Wayward Sky certainly deserves your attention, so take a look at this teaser trailer.

This new title will work with Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset (which was a bizarre no-show on Sony’s stage this year) in what the developers have dubbed a ‘look and click VR adventure.’ The trailer shows a mix of third-person exploration and platforming along with first-person scenes of investigating certain areas in detail.

We see a father and daughter crash land on a floating factory-like building in the sky. The father is then promptly kidnapped by a flying robot, leaving us in the shoes of the daughter, Bess, to save him. What follows is a mix of puzzle and platforming. It looks like the Morpheus headset will be especially useful when the camera goes first-person  and the player can freely look around the puzzle for what could be an intuitive and immersive experience.

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