Uncharted 4 delay paints a tough Christmas for PS4 this year

So, Uncharted 4 has been pushed back to Spring 2016. As news goes for PS4 gamers, it’s pretty damn heartbreaking. But delays aren’t always a bad thing for a game. We’ve had enough of unfinished releases like AC: Unity and DriveClub, and are trying to be as patient as possible for the likes of Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher III, both of which have needed more time before the developers have been ready to unleash them. And major kudos to them for that and as much as it pains me to say it, Kudos to Naughty Dog too.

But with Uncharted 4 gone from the PS4’s Holiday Season/Christmas line-up, it’s hard not to think that staff at Microsoft and Square Enix are laughing their assess off. First up, let’s talk about Tomb Raider. Lara’s next outing,  Rise of the Tomb Raider, is a timed Xbox One exclusive and was set to go head to head with Uncharted around Christmas (naturally, you’d buy both if you have both consoles), now Square’s title will have no direct competition.

Uncharted 4 delay paints a tough Christmas for PS4 this year

Microsoft will no doubt be celebrating Uncharted’s delay, but maybe Square are kicking themselves that their exclusivity deal means they won’t be sweeping up sales from PS4 gamers with no Uncharted to play this year.

Looking over the release schedule of PS4 exclusives this year makes for uneasy reading, particularly anything for the all-important holiday season where the majority of sales are made for both software and hardware. Sony has some strong titles earlier in the year (Bloodborne especially), but where are the Xmas system sellers? I get the feeling Sony will at least try and do a Destiny-style ‘better on PlayStation’ style advertising campaign for something like MGSV to at least make it look like an exclusive (this worked very well with Destiny).

Microsoft now has a potential killer line-up for the year’s showdown with Rise of the Tomb Raider possibly joined by the likes of Halo 5 and maybe even Crackdown 3. Fingers crossed that Sony have some big plans for E3 and have a few big titles set for the end of the year beyond the interesting but hardly system-selling, Until Dawn, The Tomorrow Children, Ratchet & Clank Remaster, Rime and maybe No Man’s Sky.

Uncharted 4 delay paints a tough Christmas for PS4 this year

Exclusives aren’t the be all and end all of course. We know the best-selling titles are going to be multi-plats like FIFA, Call of Duty and we expect strong sales to continue for Batman until the holidays too.

Microsoft seriously discounted the Xbox One last year and it was bundle crazy here at Dealspwn over Christmas and the console made up some serious ground on the PS4. The deals have been pretty hot this year for both consoles so far, but are Microsoft set to take the lead after Christmas 2015? Sony’s E3 performance this year could be a vital one if they want to stay ahead.

Let’s hear your thoughts folks. Let us know if this affects which new-gen console you’ll buy if you’ve not got one yet. How do you feel as a PS4/XO owner? Or are you waiting for another deal-manic season so you can own both consoles anyway?

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