Beyond: Two Souls Tribeca Film Festival Trailer

Here’s the trailer that was debuted at last night’s Tribeca Film Festival. It focuses on the lead character Jodie Holmes, played by Ellen Page. We see scenes from various stages of the game including her as a child and an adult. Locations are varied too, one minute she’s living rough while possibly on the run and then she’s out in the desert riding a horse in a scene similar to one you may find in Red Dead Redemption.

Willem Dafoe can be heard in the trailer too, trying to convince Jodie to come back. We’re presuming she’s escaped the testing facility/hospital where they’ve been examining her psychic powers. Gameplay is a bit thin on the ground, as the trailer clearly plays to the film-fan crowd at the festival, but there’s no denying we can’t wait to see more. Enjoy the new trailer after the break.

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