Edge of Twilight Is Alive and Coming Summer 2013

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with horrendous acting and glittery vamps. Instead, Edge of Twilight is an unreleased steampunk action-adventure title that’s been missing since 2009. Developers FuzzyEyes laid off most of the workforce a few years ago, but a few remained along with a few new hires and it would seem development continued as they have just announced the game will be ready on PS3 and Xbox 360 in summer net year.

The fantasy steampunk setting will feature day and night worlds, both with different civilisations to explore. Using the main character, Lex, you will be able to switch between night and day at will. There’s little other information available at this time, but take a look at this trailer from 2009 and think of all the extra polish that has been potentially added to what was looking like an already promising prospect. Think a Dishonored-esque setting paired with something like God of War.

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