Lego The Lord of the Rings (Review)

One brick to rule them all? Or in the laziness bind them?

Despite being released nine years after the final film, the memories are still strong enough to make the latest tie-in feel like a relevant entry to the series rather than a late cash-in. I’m sure the upcoming release of the first Hobbit movie has nothing to do with Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive waiting this long. Ok, so maybe a little.

Since the Lego series began, we’ve seen it grow in terms of production values. The graphics have been steadily improving and the recent Lego Batman 2 introduced fully voiced characters for the first time, which allowed the series to portray a proper story and a damn amusing one at that.

LOTR goes one step further by using the original voices from the movies. Along with the familiar music and nicely replicated levels, it should satisfy most fans of the films with ease. With so much authenticity though, there’s almost no room for a sense of humour, the backbone of the Lego games’ cutscenes.

The dialogue is straight-faced serious throughout and the only humorous moments are rooted in physical comedy. It feels like something of a backwards step. Let’s face it, there are plenty of laughs to be had at the movie’s expense -albeit respectfully, as per Traveller’s Tales track record. So don’t expect Sam’s mancrush on Frodo to get any airtime.

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