Lego City Undercover Trailer: A Wii U System Seller?

Ever wondered how Traveller’s Tales would cope when tasked with making a Lego game that didn’t have a huge film license behind it? Better than ever it would seem. This cheesy cops and robbers caper borrows from classic crime movies and looks set to be packed with nods and references to San Francisco-based flicks and the Dirty Harry bit towards the end of the trailer is just one of numerous funny moments during the two-minute peak at the Wii U exclusive.

Characters are fully voiced, just as we recently saw in Lego Batman 2, which will allow for a proper story and will keep the laughs coming throughout. An early look at how the Game Pad will be used shows the player using the screen to scan the TV to look for heat signatures from hiding crims on a sunny rooftop.

Helicopters, ambulances and boats are shown off around the sun kissed city indicating a few extra Civil Servant duties may be on the cards. This might be the closest we get to a Lego GTA game, albeit on the right side of the law. Mind you, what’s that fella doing with a crow bar? Even Lego misbehaves at times it would seem.

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