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7 Ways to Stop Hackers Ruining Your Christmas Gaming

Hacker losers have once again screwed over gamers by hacking into PSN and Xbox Live just in time for one of the busiest times of the year. Sure, the hackers think they’re punishing the big companies, or ‘sticking it to the man’, but in fact, they’re affecting regular folk who want to enjoy a bit of online gaming with friends over the holidays before heading back to work. Let’s face it, Destiny is more useful as a coaster when offline. Rather than list the painful punishments we wish on the hackers, we’ve come up with seven things to do with your consoles that the hackers can’t interfere with.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Trailer

“My great ape is nothing to mess with.”

Now there’s a line of dialogue that’s a bit difficult to hear on a bleary-eyed Sunday morning. Fans of the mega-hit anime series rejoice, there’s a new Dragon Ball Z game on the horizon and it’s looking as delightfully demented as ever and it’s coming to PS3, Vita and Xbox 360.

The new trailer for Battle of Z has an emphasis on the game’s enhanced co-op features with up to four players able to take on fearsome enemies. Naturally there’ll be epic eight-player rumbles too if you just want to have a huge brawl in a cloud of fit-inducing colours and special moves. Solo players shouldn’t be worried though as you’ll be able to go it alone if you don’t want the help. Looking at some of these bosses though, you may reconsider. Enjoy the trailer after the break.

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