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The Last Guardian Review – An untameable classic?

Despite an infamously long wait for The Last Guardian to claw its way out of development hell, it wasn’t long after pushing past the opening cutscene that I began to think it was perhaps released too soon.

While ‘rushed’ might seem like an odd word to describe the game’s torrid journey from PS3 dev kit to living room PS4, there’s certainly a lot of areas that seem to have a ‘that’ll do let’s just release this thing’ vibe. Or maybe that’s unfair. Perhaps it was more of a school exam-style ‘time’s up, pencils down’ type of thing as the game was pried from genDESIGN’s (formerly Team Ico) hands by the powers tired of indulging a studio’s desire to make the perfect game. Continue reading The Last Guardian Review – An untameable classic?

Was The Last Guardian the real star of the most explosive E3 yet?

Was The Last Guardian the real star of the most explosive E3 yet?

Now that all the E3 2015 press conferences are finally over, I’ve been able to take a much-needed step back and reflect on the games that have really stood out. And The Last Guardian stands out in way that few others did.

While we had explosive blockbuster displays and epic reveals from the like of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout 4, Halo 5, Doom and many more, nothing really formed an emotional bond as much as the reappearance (demo video below) of The Last Guardian. But why? Continue reading Was The Last Guardian the real star of the most explosive E3 yet?

Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed, But at The Last Guardian’s Cost?

A Gravity Rush 2 trailer has been spotted on the show floor at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Sony were not disclosing any further details at the time, but it’s likely staff from their Sony Japan department are once again working on the cel-shaded floating action platformer.

Does this mean that resources are once again being drawn away from The Last Guardian as Sony recently confirmed that the development of other Sony Japan titles like Knack and Puppeteer had taken priority over the long-delayed title. It’s something of a surprise to see Gravity Rush of all titles get a sequel greenlit ahead of completing The Last Guardian. It must have sold better than we thought in Japan.

Not that we’re adverse to another crack at Gravity Rush. If they can calm down that camera, it may well prove to be the essential title the first game desperately wanted to be. More importantly, any chance of another Uncharted title on the Vita too Sony? Trailer after the break. Continue reading Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed, But at The Last Guardian’s Cost?

Project Trico Trailer Revealed

*Recently re-named The Last Guardian.
*Make sure to click the HD option on the video after pressing ‘play’ to get rid of the smudgy picture. Works on standard definition monitors too.

Well, I don’t think anyone expected that. Outrageously stunning and a perfect example of a fantastic change of pace to radically alter the tone of the whole spectacle. But what else would you expect from Team Ico but the unexpected?

I don’t know what was more surprising, the creature itself initially (should we be scared, amused, confused?), or the flood of relief that hits as you realise it’s not intended as a fearsome creature as it picks up the boy, presumably his young master, and lovingly nuzzles him. Continue reading Project Trico Trailer Revealed