Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed, But at The Last Guardian’s Cost?

A Gravity Rush 2 trailer has been spotted on the show floor at this week’s Tokyo Game Show. Sony were not disclosing any further details at the time, but it’s likely staff from their Sony Japan department are once again working on the cel-shaded floating action platformer.

Does this mean that resources are once again being drawn away from The Last Guardian as Sony recently confirmed that the development of other Sony Japan titles like Knack and Puppeteer had taken priority over the long-delayed title. It’s something of a surprise to see Gravity Rush of all titles get a sequel greenlit ahead of completing The Last Guardian. It must have sold better than we thought in Japan.

Not that we’re adverse to another crack at Gravity Rush. If they can calm down that camera, it may well prove to be the essential title the first game desperately wanted to be. More importantly, any chance of another Uncharted title on the Vita too Sony? Trailer after the break.

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