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Celebrate 15 Years of PlayStation 2 with its 15 Greatest Games

15 years. That’s how long the PlayStation 2, the most successful console ever made, has been around. The PS2 wasn’t just important for games, Sony were massively influential in making DVD the film format of choice by slyly slipping a DVD player into millions of homes too, much like they’ve did again with Blu-ray and the PS3. The games are what mattered though. Here’s our list of the Top 15 titles we felt were amongst the most important. Of course, some tough choices had to be made, but that’s how strong 15 years of PS2 really was. PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t get close to those numbers, but with the PS4 already at 20 million, maybe Sony fancy their chances. Here we go then, in order of release year…

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Gravity Crash (Review)

This is another retro-style 2D shooter for the PSN and probably the harshest one yet. Your space-ship handles similarly to games of yesteryear like Thrust and Gravitar. If this means nothing to you, it’s like a hockey puck slowly sliding across the ice, with little thrusts to control changes in direction. The game’s enjoyable to look at in a minimalist way, with its simple yet striking visualstyle of solid lines making up the maps and lighting them up with a neon glow. Continue reading Gravity Crash (Review)