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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst debut gameplay trailer and release date

EA E3 2015 Press Conference Impressions - great highlights, shame about the rest of it

A packed E3 2015 showing from EA included a rather tasty gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst where we see Faith in action. The first-person free-running skills are looking slicker than ever as Faith perform wallruns, slides and even boots enemies clean through windows. Unlike some, I was never struck with motion-sickness with the original, but that new backflip may take some getting used to!

Rumours of an open-world city to explore were confirmed and there will be no loading screens at all. Having a huge playground to explore with Faith’s skillset sounds like a fantastic way to expand on the ideas of the under-rated original title. Hopefully there will be lots of collectibles littered around the city to encourage lots of sky-high climbs and death-defying last-gasp gap leaps. Devilishly tough time trials are sure to return also, which will be great if they include ghost images of the best times again. Continue reading Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst debut gameplay trailer and release date