Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst debut gameplay trailer and release date

EA E3 2015 Press Conference Impressions - great highlights, shame about the rest of it

A packed E3 2015 showing from EA included a rather tasty gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst where we see Faith in action. The first-person free-running skills are looking slicker than ever as Faith perform wallruns, slides and even boots enemies clean through windows. Unlike some, I was never struck with motion-sickness with the original, but that new backflip may take some getting used to!

Rumours of an open-world city to explore were confirmed and there will be no loading screens at all. Having a huge playground to explore with Faith’s skillset sounds like a fantastic way to expand on the ideas of the under-rated original title. Hopefully there will be lots of collectibles littered around the city to encourage lots of sky-high climbs and death-defying last-gasp gap leaps. Devilishly tough time trials are sure to return also, which will be great if they include ghost images of the best times again.

The release date is way sooner than originally expected too, as many thought development staff at DICE would have been mainly focused on Star Wars: Battlefront. But you’ll be able to discover Faith’s origins/reboot story from  February 23rd next year, which is hopefully a quiet period, as we’d hate to see the game drowned out by any other big releases.

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