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Tearaway Nears Completion – Have a Trailer

Less than a month to go now before the November 22nd release date for Tearaway. The Media Molecule-developed platformer looks set to be worth the wait for the nearly-forgotten PS Vita. The new trailer shows off how the game would only ever work on the Vita thanks to the front and rear touch features, a camera and a microphone. All of these control inputs will be used to create a unique platforming adventure.

Take a look at the new trailer after the break and don’t forget to check out Jon’s Photo Diary from a recent preview build of the game. Continue reading Tearaway Nears Completion – Have a Trailer

Tearaway: Behind the Scenes Video

As trusting Vita owners, we’re really looking forward to Media Molecule’s Tearaway and it looks like the game is shaping up very nicely according to the latest video from Access PlayStation which takes a look around the developer’s office.

The unique platformer will use all of the PS Vita’s control methods to interact with the world. The rear pad can be used to poke your finger out of the ground, blow on the mic to make wind (stop laughing at the back), take pics with the camera and so on. We’re a bit worried that the game will be lost amongst all the big hitters though. It’s already in a niche category thanks to the papercraft-style visuals and its delay from October to late November puts it amongst COD, Battlefield and the next-gen consoles. Perhaps delaying it until early next year would have been better?

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Little Big Planet Vita (Hands-On Preview)

With the Vita on a seemingly unstoppable display of going from strength to strength, it was almost unsurprising to see a complex title like Little Big Planet appear so at home so soon on the new handheld.

During our hands-on time, we were able to try out a few levels that showed off how the Vita’s extra features would be uniquely utilised during gameplay. We were also invited to a developer demonstration of the create mode too, and we’re now convinced it has the potential to be much more user-friendly than the PS3 versions.

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Little Big Planet 2 (Review)

After the success of the original, which spawned millions of levels, the guys at Media Molecule have decided to see what we can do when they throw a bigger tool-kit at us to create any type of game we can think of. The short answer? Absolutely kick their ass at their own game.  Continue reading Little Big Planet 2 (Review)