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Horses and Babysitting Cut From Tomb Raider

Well, that was close. Crystal Dynamics Brand Director, Karl Stewart told OPM that at one point during the game’s design Lara would use a horse and have a child companion:

“One of the hardest decisions was that we knew we needed to make a change. We looked at all the games that were out at the time, studied them, did research, read reviews. And we realised that we needed to make something new. Some of our soul-searching was about [asking] how we bring Lara to life in a way we’ve never done before. She’s had a personality, but not anything like what we show now with that emotion and intensity. We added a little girl at one stage. She was going to be a companion, a way to show Lara in a different light. We had a horse, too. It was great for her to move around on, but we soon realised that a horse implied ‘open world’, like, ‘Why can’t I gallop around the whole island?’ So the horse had to go.”

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