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Homefront (Review)

The son of Kim Jong Il, proves to be quite a nasty daddy’s little boy and after ‘unifying’ North and South Korea, he decides to stretch his legs a bit in this alternative future-based first-person-shooter.

While Korea was on the up, America was trying to recover from a flu virus that killed millions and soaring gas prices that crippled the nation’s industry. When Korea launched a surprise attack, the US never stood a chance. Using EMP strikes, Korea destroyed America’s vulnerable, digitally reliant infrastructure.

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Homefront (Preview)

The story of the new FPS, Homefront, is one of invasion, occupation and resistance. In the not too distant future, after the death the North Korean President, Kim Jon Il, his son takes his place. Over the next few years, he unifies North and South Korea and starts to invade nearby countries.

Throughout this period, America is weakening with a decreasing military force, further financial difficulties and a flu epidemic. This is when the KPA (Korean People’s Army) strike. Using satellite EMP blasts to wipe out the American electronics, including their defence measures, the Koreans begin their unflinching invasion. The game begins two years into the occupation of the US in 2027.

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Homefront Multiplayer (Hands-on Preview)

When I was invited to an exclusive press event to play Homefront I was excited. Even though it was only for the multiplayer I realised that maybe THQ and Kaos Studios thought they had something special on their hands that they’d previously kept under wraps. Turns out they have.

The single-player game takes place after a future invasion by North Korea in 2027 and is all about guerrilla warfare. The multiplayer side of the game focuses on the bigger battles that precede the main story mode. So you will be playing as what’s left of the US Military or the KPA (Korean People’s Army) during the 2025-2027 invasions. Continue reading Homefront Multiplayer (Hands-on Preview)