Homefront Multiplayer (Hands-on Preview)

When I was invited to an exclusive press event to play Homefront I was excited. Even though it was only for the multiplayer I realised that maybe THQ and Kaos Studios thought they had something special on their hands that they’d previously kept under wraps. Turns out they have.

The single-player game takes place after a future invasion by North Korea in 2027 and is all about guerrilla warfare. The multiplayer side of the game focuses on the bigger battles that precede the main story mode. So you will be playing as what’s left of the US Military or the KPA (Korean People’s Army) during the 2025-2027 invasions.

Developers Kaos are aiming to become number one in large scale online warfare with multiplayer goals of fast-paced action, on the fly strategic choices and an evolving battlefield. Ambitious? Yes, but from the few hours I had with the game, it might just happen.

Battle Points, the new BP fuel

Homefront’s multiplayer unique selling point is its Battle Points in-game economy system. Everything you do in a match gives you points to spend. Kills, revenge kills, assists, recon spotting, taking objectives and destroying vehicles all award you BP. Where Modern Warfare requires you to line up a killstreak, Homefront lets you add up the points without the risk of losing any when you get taken down. It immediately feels like a better system that is more balanced as it allows everyone to reap the big rewards. Smaller purchases include extra ammo or missile launchers, but the drones and vehicles are what you really want.

Click here to read the rest of my article at Dealspwn.com and find out why Homefront is the game to watch in 2011.

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