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i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair Review

i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair Review

Physical comfort is an important part of gaming. Let’s face it, sometimes a game just pulls you in for hours. Chances are, many of you want to lose yourself for a day in the likes of The Witcher III or Batman: Arkham Knight. Is your sofa/bed the most comfortable place still for lengthy sessions? With Fallout 4 thundering towards us, you’re going to want to find the right seat.

Let me present the i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair. This faux-leather beast is much more gamer-friendly than your usual bean-bags (that attempt to swallow you whole) thanks to the addition of back support. There isn’t a rigid component, it’s more of a change to the shape of the bag that provides something similar to a racing car’s bucket seat (but with the comfort of a bean bag). Continue reading i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair Review

Element Gaming Chair (Review)

Element Gaming Chair Review | Desk Delight

An often overlooked element to our gaming setup is seating comfort, especially for PC gamers playing from their desks rather than the sofa. For desk riding gamers out there, or those of you who spend a lot of time at a desk for work, going for the cheapest seating option can often be painful, as sore backsides and stiff backs become uncomfortable fidgety distractions.

But you can be comfortable without breaking the bank, meaning you’ve got spare cash left over to buy important things, like games. Today’s candidate, the Element Gaming Chair certainly deserves a look. Continue reading Element Gaming Chair (Review)