Element Gaming Chair (Review)

Element Gaming Chair Review | Desk Delight

An often overlooked element to our gaming setup is seating comfort, especially for PC gamers playing from their desks rather than the sofa. For desk riding gamers out there, or those of you who spend a lot of time at a desk for work, going for the cheapest seating option can often be painful, as sore backsides and stiff backs become uncomfortable fidgety distractions.

But you can be comfortable without breaking the bank, meaning you’ve got spare cash left over to buy important things, like games. Today’s candidate, the Element Gaming Chair certainly deserves a look.

You’ll often struggle to get a high backed chair for such a low price, but this stylised seat comes with back and head support and seems to be modelled on a racing car seat aesthetic with the padding on the sides of the back protruding slightly outwards to form subtle cradling curves. The seat of the chair angles up slightly, following the contours of the underside of your thighs for a natural sitting position. The PU leather upholstery is very soft and easy to clean if you spill any drinks or need to brush off snack crumbs.

Element Gaming Chair Review | Desk Delight

My personal favourite feature on the Element chair though is the padded arm rests. If you can tuck the chair close enough to the desk to rest your elbows on them while typing and using a mouse, your whole posture feels more relaxed and I found I wasn’t ‘hunching’ over the keyboard as much as usual. It’s also very comfortable to sit back in and browse the web or take a break and read a book for a while. There’s no adjustable tilt though sadly.

The height of the chair is adjustable with a standard air pressure lever, making it suitable for most desks and tables. The arm rests are quite high though, so you may struggle to get it fully under some lower desks at the end of your session.

The castor wheels allow free movement across hard and carpeted surfaces alike. The powdered surface on the caster legs is a handy place to rest your feet and the rougher finish means your feet won’t keep sliding off them if you want to adjust your weight from there.

Element Gaming Chair Review | Desk Delight

A desk chair’s looks isn’t something I’d usually be too bothered about, but the Element Gaming Chair is something of a looker. The white surrounds on the seat frame it fantastically and the silver streaks on the castor legs are a neat flourish too. I’ve no idea why there are two holes in the back, but the mesh lining on the inside looks class. The white stitching on the black PU leather is very eye-catching and a brilliant design choice.

A quick note on assembly; the chair comes with an allen key and can be assembled solo, but it would certainly be handy to get a second pair of hands when trying to secure the seat and backrest portions to the armrests, as it’s a bit of a struggle wrestling with it on your own. The individual castors were oddly tough to push into place too.

So how much does a chair like this set you back? We’ve found that you can order one for just £79.98. The RRP on the official site is £119.99, but the buying link there currently takes you to the £79.98 offer at eBuyer which seems to the best offer on the net.


  • Very comfortable
  • Padded armrests are essential
  • Great to look at


  • Potentially too large to store under some desks
  • Awkward to assemble solo
  • No backwards tilting

The Short Version: A great purchase for PC gamers and desk workers alike and a comfortable ride for those long days at the desk. The Element Gaming Chair has stylish looks, cushiony seating and back support, and luxuriously padded armrests -seriously, you can’t go back to plastic ones after this. The price is cheaper than most chairs of this size too.

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