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Deadpool Review – Marvel’s Mouthy Merc

Of all the Marvel characters, Deadpool is the one you’d expect to shake up, or ditch, the dull origins side of the comic book movies. Things start well, with an amusing taxi ride intro, followed by a slick fight scene on the freeway. But then the movie promptly and obediently falls in line with Marvel’s origins story machine.  To make things worse, the origins story is spliced in throughout the rest of the film, constantly wrecking the momentum. Continue reading Deadpool Review – Marvel’s Mouthy Merc

Spotlight Review – Exposing monsters

Based on true events, Spotlight tells us how a team of journalists at the Boston Globe took on the Catholic Church to expose a systemic pattern of child abuse and cover ups.

Once the Spotlight section of the Boston Globe newspaper are assigned their new exposé, the film’s pace rarely lets up. The majority of the its two hour runtime sees the reporters chasing up lawyers from both sides, interviewing victims and cutting through legal red tape. All while trying not to let the story out too soon in order to maximise the impact against as many offenders as possible. Continue reading Spotlight Review – Exposing monsters