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Everybody’s Golf Returns to PS3. Next Week!

Tired of putting up with tired Tiger Woods updates every year? We’d thoroughly recommend ordering your caddy to get over to PSN on July 24th to pick up Everybody’s Golf then.

Sony are being a little bit sneaky as this is actually a PS3 version of the Vita launch game. On the plus side, that was a great game, which I awarded 8/10 in early 2012. The game is going to sell at £11.99 which, given the huge amount of content, is a solid deal.

Owners of the Vita game will be able to port across their save file too along with any DLC they picked up along the way. Also, Vita and PS3 players will be able to play online together. The PS3 version does get a new feature in the form of PS Move compatibility. I’m not sure how well that will turn out as EA and Tiger haven’t nailed motion control yet, John Daly also failed, and most players use the old-school ‘three-click’ method to gauge swing power anyway.

For our American readers, the game will launch a day earlier for $19.99 under the title, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational. Have a launch trailer after the break. Continue reading Everybody’s Golf Returns to PS3. Next Week!

Everybody’s Golf (Vita Review)

In many ways, Everybody’s Golf is a perfect fit for the PS Vita handheld. It’s a fast-loader, gameplay is quick and it can be played for hours or just a few holes at a time before slipping the game into sleep mode when the ad break finishes. One negative that it does find though is being on your new, shiny and expensive console that probably has no desire to be thrown at a wall, punched, bitten or burned, which are all possibilities when the game f**ks you over again then runs off giggling with its stupidly happy cast of freaks. So, um, yes, I really like Everybody’s Golf on the Vita, but I want to kill it.

I suppose I should talk about the rest of the game before the red mist takes over again. If you’ve played the PS3 or PSP versions, then you’ll know what to expect. The game provides a generous six 18-hole courses (plus the mirror versions) for you to play and I’m pleased to report that they’re new and not just ports of the PS3 ones.

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