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Darksiders II (Review)

After the first game where War -one of the Four Horseman- jumped the gun a little and brought on the apocalypse and wiped out humanity, we get to step into another rider’s shoes. Running parallel to the events of the original game, we’re now playing as Death.

Death is eager to clear his brother’s name and if possible, restore humanity to Earth. For the most part of the game though, we won’t be going back to Earth. Instead we’re exploring several large open maps of typical fantasy fare – forests, canyons, ice worlds, hell and any other staple you could care to remember.

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Play Darksiders II, 3DS XL And More At Manchester MCM Comic Con Expo Tomorrow

Fancy getting your hands on this summer’s hottest titles before release? Of course you do. Northern gamers should get to Manchester Central (formerly the G-Mex arena) for the MCM Comic Con event taking place all day tomorrow for the only way to spend a Saturday.

While mainly focused on comics and anime products, there’s a solid line-up of games to try out too. THQ’s killer sequel, Darksiders 2 will be there in playable form and as an added bonus, a live panel will be hosted by lead designer Haydn Dalton and art director Han Randhawa around 1:30pm.

Still not sure about picking up a 3DS? Well why not try out the new and improved 3DS XL at the expo? You’ll be able to play unreleased games like Super Mario Bros 2 and Pokémon ConquestKingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was released today, but why not try before you buy?

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