Hardware: Rivals makes PS4 comeback

Those of you that forked out for a network adapter for your original PS2 may well remember the online vehicular combat game, Hardware: Online Arena. Well, good news if you enjoyed it, as it’s getting a sequel on PS4. Step forward, Hardware: Rivals.

13 years is one hell of a wait for sequel, but at least there will be more than five people online at the same time to play it. The vehicular combat arena genre has all but disappeared of late, probably due to the last Twisted Metal game being utter balls. Hell, you can see that for yourself as the game is currently on the PlayStation + Instant Game Selection. One look at the trailer below tells us Hardware: Rivals could actually be a lot of fun though.

The game is being developed by internal Sony studio, Connected Content Group. Team member, Daniel Durnin, dropped by the EU PSN blog and said:

“We’ve taken the opportunity to introduce a truckload of upgrades and new features, but the spirit of the original gameplay remains the same. Bringing back the explosive mayhem and online rivalry of vehicle combat has been an absolute pleasure and we can’t wait for you to get behind the wheel.

With multiple maps, game modes, challenges and special events, Hardware: Rivals lets you jump online for some frenetic vehicle-on-vehicle combat. You can go in as a lone wolf or as part of a team, and on top of our regular game modes we also have a constantly updating schedule of special events that add new twists to the game.

Fast Attack Vehicles give you agility and quick access to those tricky weapon pickups, but you can’t get complacent out in the open. Tanks are less nimble but can take a hit and bring hefty firepower and a formidable presence to the battlefield.”

Take a look at the trailer:

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