Cliff Bleszinski’s LawBreakers gameplay trailer has some moves

Until now, we’d only seen a few very pretty screenshots for Cliff ‘Gears of War’ Bleszinski’s new FPS, but now we have a name and more importantly, a gameplay trailer. And it’s looking pretty damn impressive.

LawBreakers will be a free-to-play title launching on PC, presumably in 2016. There’s no official word on a console release, but after watching this video, we’re sure PS4 and Xbox One owners wouldn’t mind a taste. The video shows off the different styles of characters and how the Earth’s shattered gravity atmosphere means everyone’s moon jumping around. Laser tethers also allow players to wall run around the outsides of buildings too.

It’s great to see more shooters trying to mix things up lately, especially in regards to the way players can move around levels. It’s tough to evolve shooting people in the face, but movement styles have been in dire need of an upgrade in the genre, although some great strides have been made by the likes of Mirror’s Edge, Brink, Titanfall and even the recent Call of Duty entries. Keep it up dev types.

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