See who’s winning the race for September’s ‘Vote to Play’ PlayStation Plus game

[Update: Voting has now closed with one game winning by taking 44% of the vote]

Voting closes in just over three hours for the inaugural Vote to Play title. The winner from the three candidates will be included as one of the free games in the Instant Game Collection in September’s PlayStation Plus package. You can still vote on the PSN website, or directly from your PS4 by looking for a link in your PlayStation notifications tab.

Voting also gives you an update on the current standings and the same game has had the lead for a while now. Let’s have a look who the front-runner is.

So, unless there’s a late surge, I think it’s highly likely that Grow Home will be a part of next month’s Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus. Armello has done well though considering its niche RPG design with card/board game elements. Zombie Vikings looks like a fun side-scrolling brawler that could be a laugh with friends.

Will you be happy with Grow Home (I know I will)? Let us know who got your vote. Whoever wins, the other titles will be making their way to PS4 eventually, so don’t be too glum if your game doesn’t make the cut.

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[UPDATE: Voting has just finished, with Grow Home staying on top with a 44% share of the vote, so it looks like that’s what we’ll be playing next month.]

The full line-up of September’s PlayStation Plus titles has just been announced too.

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