Shocking price unveiled for the Battlefront Darth Vader PS4

Limited Edition Star Wars Darth Vader PS4 bundles coming in November

When we showed the brand new Darth Vader Star Wars Edition of the PS4 yesterday, we knew it was going to be a bit pricey compared to a standard edition. But, the price that’s just hit the likes of Amazon and Game are opportunistic to say the least, even by Star Wars memorabilia standards.

The 1TB PS4 with a Dark Vader image on the console, an astonishingly ugly DualShock 4 and a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront is set to cost an eye-wateringly expensive £384.99. Shop around and you can order a standard 1TB console for £289.99. Add a copy of Battlefront to that in November for around £40 and that means you’re spending an extra £55 on a paint job.

We’re all about offering the best value deals here at Dealspwn for games and console bundles and this seems like a lot for what it is. And no, the smattering of bundled in ‘Classic’ Star Wars games isn’t enough to make this decent value. Start adding in some Blu-Ray movies and we’ll talk.

If you’re a Star Wars obsessive, or know a good future scalping opportunity when you see one, here are some links to the latests retail prices.

Thanks to Davflan.

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