7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Just watched the Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer? Excited? We’re pretty sure you are. As if the trailer wasn’t enough, we’ve dug out some extra details -including a few surprises- that will make the wait until ‘Holiday 2015’ seem even further away. So here are the Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3.

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Infinite boom packs!

Infinite C4 packs for everyone? Yes, Avalanche. Just, yes. They know damn well that we just want to run around Medici, blowing shit up and having a never-ending supply of C4 is a dream come true. Just think of all the crazy escapades you’ll enjoy when combining it with this…

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Three-way grappling hook

The most fun to be had in Just Cause 2 was attaching items/people to exploding canisters and unleashing chaos. Well, chaos seems to have evolved in just Cause 3 as there will now be a three-way grappling hook, allowing you to attach two items and then pull them towards each other. This was lots of fun in Batman: Arkham Origins, so we’re expecting big things from Avalanche’s version.

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Wingsuit + Parachute + Grappling hooks = Win sauce

We love a bit of wingsuit action here at Dealspwn and are delighted to see Rico sporting one in Just Cause 3. You’ll be able to change between the parachute and wingsuit in mid-air and combine both with grappling hooks to propel yourself through Medici like an extreme sports version of Spider-Man. The parachute controls have been simplified making it easier to manoeuvre and aim weapons at the same time too.

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Building interiors are banned

Just Cause 3 is going to be huge amounts of fun outdoors thanks to the immense focus on verticality with your wingsuit/parachute working with the grappling hook. So why the hell would Avalanche ask you to do missions inside buildings like boxy warehouses and grey corridors. Quite simply, they won’t.

So much so, it’s been heard that they haven’t designed any interiors for buildings, because you won’t be going in any (well, apart from moment 0:49 in the trailer at least). There will be caves to explore, but we hear they’re pretty damn massive. We’re loving the ban on interiors as it sounds like the studio really understands their lead character’s strengths (flying through the air and destroying everything in sight). If only every Spider-Man developer in existence would follow suit and stop putting Peter Parker in narrow sewer tunnels.

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Set Expedia to Medici

Having an open world is all very good, but it has to look the part and make you want to be there. Step forward, Medici, the new fictional Mediterranean picture perfect location. This interactive postcard looks insanely gorgeous with clear blue waters and lush green countryside beautifully offset by erupting clouds of fire when Rico passes through. Plus, it’s really sunny, which we can’t get enough of in games. We know where we’re going for our gaming hols this year. Grappling hooks are a swine to get through customs in real life anyway.

Top 7 reasons to be excited about Just Cause 3

Ghost replays

There will be online leaderboard challenges, involving blowing stuff up (surprise!). But in an interesting twist, you’ll be able to view ghost replays in-game so you can see how your friends achieved that gargantuan score. Add in the endless possibilities with the never-been-easier gameplay recording options available on consoles and YouTube is going to be packed with hilarious and exhilarating uses of the game’s tantalising mechanics.

Seriously, look at this trailer

How could you not want a game that lets you do all this? It’s all in-game too as the official blurb says: “This footage is all actual gameplay. It was captured in-game using cinematic camera angles. It contains no cut scenes. Nothing was staged or scripted.” Nice.

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