The Sunday Seven: Assassin’s Creed Unity Survival Tips


Assassin’s Creed Unity is seriously tough. Even when the various glitches and bugs aren’t making Arno’s life hell, there are plenty of other factors that make pulling off hits an unforgiving gauntlet of snipers and swordsman. We feel your pain though, and have come up with seven top tips to put you on the right path. And no, one of them isn’t buy Assassin’s Creed Rogue instead. I eventually came up with a seventh in the end. Happy hunting!

Buy disguise skill

There are many skills to buy with points awarded for completing story missions and you’ll have to selective as to which ones you choose. As tempting as it is to go for all the health enhancements, you’re better buying skills that keep you out of combat first. So pick up the disguise one early on for a measly two points. It will allow you to briefly don the uniform of anyone you target and can make slipping past a few guards much easier than trying to sneak past on their blind side.

Buy the lockpick skill

This doesn’t just allow you to open treasure chests, giving you more cash to blow on swords and armour, there are also plenty of opportunities to unlock doors and windows. This means you can open up shortcuts during missions and often stay clear of larger groups of guards. Also, being able to pick locks of prison cell doors (escaping convicts is always a nice distraction for the guards) means you won’t have to steal the key from the bloke strolling around with a brace of goons. Be sure to regularly visit the store for extra lockpicks too as some of the tougher locks will probably break a lot of them until you can afford to upgrade the skill.

Carry lots of smoke bombs

Getting into a fight is usually a terrible idea or a freak accident when Arno decides he’s going to stay perched on a wall for far longer than you want so he can be discovered. When a fight involves more than three opponents, you should really consider legging it and the quick-fire smoke bombs should give you a head start while everyone splutters around in the fog.

Use berserk darts

With fighting being so difficult in Unity, anything you can do to thin out the enemy numbers is always useful. These darts fired from your wrist-mounted crossbow will cause the victim to become enraged and attack his fellow guards, causing a nice distraction. Use them on the tougher opponents with heavier armour to ensure they can fight for longer. Snipers are also of use for a quick dose.

Always use Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision shows enemies locations, even on different floors of a building. It also allows you to keep track of an assassination target if they’re on the move. Don’t forget to pop it on when you’re fleeing a scene too as it highlights hiding areas and the fast ropes used to zoom up the side of a building.

Go wide!

Many missions put your target right in the middle of a crowd or heavily guarded area. Don’t just run in there, you’ll be cut to pieces in seconds. Snipers are the biggest problem and their elevated position means they can spot you from great distance. So make your way around the edge of a mission area and take them out first, then you’re able to move into the target’s vicinity without hearing that annoying blip that means someone has seen you. Snipers and pistols are generally the cause of most deaths in Unity so avoid them altogether where possible, if you get in a fight, look out for people on the edge of the brawl preparing a pistol or watch for the target indicator on the edge of the screen if they’re off-camera and take them out as soon as possible if you can dodge roll to them in time or set off a smoke bomb.

Take advantage of helper objectives

Some of the larger story missions have additional objectives that you can take on to make a hit easier. For example, you might steal a key to free prisoners, poison a drink at the bar, bribe a maid to open a window, or save a trader’s fireworks cart to create a distraction later on. Annoyingly, sometimes if you die after completing one of these objectives, the game won’t have saved the progress and you’ll have to do it again. It’s an inconsistent issue that we hope will be patched up. Overall though, these tasks make missions easier and add some great variety ensuring the experience remains fresh for each mission. More importantly, they keep you out of trouble with the guards which, thanks to the tougher combat, is certainly your most important tactic for any mission.

Let us know if you have any tactics or tips to share for Assassin’s Creed Unity. Have you managed to master the combat? Which weapons and armour are working for you? Managed to find the ‘whistle’ function that Ubisoft removed for some reason?

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