Watch Dogs Will Not Get a Demo Say Ubisoft

Creative director at Ubisoft Jonathan Morin has confirmed via Twitter that Watch Dogs will not be getting a downloadable demo on any platforms. When responding to a deluge of -oddly impatient- fan questions on Twitter, he responded with the below Tweet.

Before adding to another reader:

While we’d love to have a demo for Watch Dogs before release, we’re not exactly surprised that Ubisoft aren’t even working on one. This is a game that has seen very few hands-on opportunities and even the upcoming PAX East Expo will only feature a hands-off demo for attendees. The lack of a playable Watch Dogs Pax demo strikes me as more strange as expo demos are easier to put together as they can run off a machine of the developers choosing, with as much game data stored on them as needed. Should we be concerned that Ubisoft won’t let anyone play their game when they were so open with the likes of Assassin’s Creed IV? Or are they trying to create an aura of mystery about the game similar to Rockstar and the GTA games?

As far as a downloadable Watch Dogs demo goes though, was that ever likely? Probably not. Do you remember ever playing a demo for any of the Assassin’s Creed games or Far Cry 3? Exactly, these games are way too big to be able to be compressed into a PSN/XBLA demo. Sure, they could give us a confined warehouse shootout, but that would be a poor representation of the intriguing open-world adventure that awaits us in Watch Dogs.

Still not sure about whether to pre-order Watch Dogs? Well, the truth of the matter is, nobody is holding a gun to your head, wait for a few reviews if you’re not sure. It’ll still be there a week after launch. Personally, I’m back on Team Excited for the game after seeing the Welcome to Chicago trailer. That and Ubisoft’s last two open world games in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Far Cry 3 have been amongst the best I’ve ever played.

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