Amazon Console to be Announced on Wednesday?

Amazon Console to be Announced on Wednesday?

Amazon has invited members of the press to a media event in New York on Wednesday and speculation suggests that the online retail sales giant is poised to announce their long-rumored console. The official line for the event is quoted as an “update for our video business.” 

This could turn out to be a plug-in device that hooks up a users TV to services like Amazon’s Instant Video service – the incredibly clunky service that replaced LoveFilm- and feature compatibility with other services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. There are plenty of third party boxes already on the market though. That said, they have had some success with the Kindle Fire HD tablets despite the existence of iPads and Nexus tablets.

Instead, we could see the unveiling of another Ouya style micro-console. And yes, you’d be right to think why would Amazon bother after the colossal failure of that enterprise. Well, it depends on what sort of games Amazon would be hoping to run on it. If this is just another case of  someone trying to get us to play mobile titles on a 40 inch TV, they should probably set themselves up for a fall. It would be more interesting if they announced something closer to their own take on a Steam Machine micro-PC that would run PC games. If priced right, this could get interesting as many of the proposed Steam Machines we’ve seen so far seem to have missed the point of appealing to a non-traditional PC gamer by costing between $600-$1000 dollars.

How about it readers? What do you think Amazon are going to announce? Just a box that’ll stream over-priced movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video? Or are we going to finally see that Amazon Console? More to the point would you be interested in it?

Source: MCV.

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